• About Haoching Mealworm Inc.

    HaoCheng Mealworms Inc. provide the mealworms products dried mealworms, living mealworms, canned mealworms, powder of mealworms and superworms products dried superworms, living superworms, canned superworms and dried fly maggots (prepupae), powder of fly maggots (prepupae), mealworm frass( insect poop) to food company, feed mill, health products company, pet shop, livestock farm, dairy husbandry, zoo, aquafarm, pharmaceutical factory all over the world.

    Haoching Mealworm Inc. Company Introduction

    HaoCheng Mealworm Inc. are a group of breeding farm in China, specialize in the Mealworms, Superworms, fly maggots (prepupae) and other insects breeding and sale. We are established in 2002 and we have 15 breeding farm, produces 50 tons living mealworms and superworms per month, and export 200 tons dried mealworm per year to North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia such as USA, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Japan, Australia, Korea, South Africa, etc.

    Customer First and Credit Standing First are our business principle, whether any time and any question you can direct contact us.

    We have a whole of procedures and equipments from breeding to reprocessing, and abundant experiences in transporting.

    The Mealworm's scientific name is Tenebrio Molitor Linne, its life cycle is 45-65 Day from egg, larva, pupa to adult, and each phase can be processed to the products.

    The Mealworm has 58% protein content, many kinds of aminophenol, vitamine, hormone, enzyme and mineralization element like phosphorus, iron, kalium, natrium, calcium and so on in the body.

    The Mealworms is the best albumen raw materials for human and animal.

    As a source of high protein additive, put it into the bread, flour, instant noodle, pastry, biscuit, candy, condiment, and direct into the dishes on the dining table like the foodstuff, and process into the health care nourishment to improve the human body immunity ability.

    Also it is the direct feeds and Feed Supplements for pets like bird, dog, cat, frog, turtle, shrimp, scorpion, chilopod, ant, goldfish,wild animals or some other singularity animal and livestock.

    Superworms, Zophobas Morio, has the same uses like the mealworms, but it is rich in nutrition than mealworm, its larva about 4-5cm long. Superworms are readily accepted by lizards, frogs, salamanders, birds, fishes, tortoises, snakes and other insectivorous animals, also is exclusively for arowana.

    Fly maggots (prepupae) There are several varieties: Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens L.); Chrysomyia Megacephala, Musca domestica and Lucilia Sericata. The dried perpupae is a good feeds to poultry, livestocks and aquaculture.

    Nutritional analysis report of dried mealworms

    Protein 56.58% Fat 28.20%
    Aspartic acid 4.12g/100g Threonine 1.84g
    Serine 2.11g Glutamic acid 7.75g
    Lactamine 4.11g Cystine 0.54g
    Valine 3.17g Methionine 0.82g
    Isoleucine 2.53g Leucine 4.46g
    Tyrosine 2.52g Phenyl alanine 1.77g
    Lysine 2.67g Histidine 1.56g
    Arginine 2.52g Proline 3.00g
    Glycin 2.87g Total 48.36g/100g

    • > Send by sea the time is around 24 days.
    • > Send by air the time is around 5-7 days.
    • > In general the delivery time is 7-15 days.
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